What is The Difference Between Wicker and Rattan Furniture

  • While it’s true that ‘wicker outdoor furniture’ and ‘Outdoor Rattan Set ' can both be used to describe the same thing, you may be surprised to learn that the two are not actually interchangeable. Wicker and Rattan are often confused for each other, with some people not even aware that both terms actually refer to two relatively different things. You see, while ‘Rattan’ is the name of the material used to create the furniture, ‘Wicker’ is actually the weaving technique used to turn rattan, or any number of other materials, into furniture. Confusing the two is like confusing ‘wool’ and ‘knitting’, insofar as you can say a scarf is a ‘woollen scarf’ or a ‘knitted scarf’ but one doesn’t necessarily mean the other.

    Now you know the difference between wicker and rattan furniture, let’s a closer look at what each one actually is and what they have to offer.

    Rattan is a climbing vine-like palm that grows in the rainforest . Although it has a solid core, unlike bamboo which is hollow, it is very pliable when steamed. I have visited many factories overseas and watched as the steamed lengths of rattan are so easily molded around pre-engineered forms. These forms can be quite simple. Imagine a sheet of plywood with pegs sticking up around which the rattan is bent to create the frame of any given chair or table for instance. Some forms are made of metal. Each manufactured item has its own unique set of forms for its production. When the rattan cools or is heated by torch it retains its shape and can then be assembled and prepared for the final process of weaving. The rattan poles are typically 1-2 inches in diameter when harvested. I witnessed a machine that takes a large diameter length of rattan and converts it to smaller diameters. Think of a pasta machine making spaghetti! These varying diameter rattan cores are then woven on the frames to create unique pieces of wickerwork. Every piece is handmade and therefore unique.

    Rattan is the strongest material used to make wickerwork but there are other materials such as willow, fern, sea grass, cane, reed or bamboo which can be used as well. Wicker can be woven of any natural material.

    Wicker is a collective word used to describe any type of woven furniture. Wicker furniture is often made with natural materials like reed, cane, rattan, seagrass, bamboo, and willow, but it can be made with synthetic materials like resin and vinyl, too. Natural wicker materials are great choices for home furniture because they are environmentally friendly. The fast growth rate makes these plant species highly renewable.

    Wicker is perfect for any home – from tropical houses to suburban condos – because it is airy and lightweight. You'll usually see wicker furniture on patios, but it works just as well as an accent chair, coffee table, decorative basket trio, or dining chairs.

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